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Air Source Heat Pumps

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Save up to 80% on your hot tub running costs
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How do ASHP's work?

Air Source Heat Pump’s convert heat from the air outside and transfers it to the hot tub water.

The Zealux Inverboost range of heat pumps draw air into the unit through an evaporator coil of liquid refrigerant, the air drawn in warms the coolant which is pumped through to a compressor, the compression process then heats the refrigerant much more, the liquid moves through to a condenser and to a heat exchanger.

The heat exchanger is where the heated refrigerant passes off it’s heat into the hot tub water which then circulates back to the hot tub, the refrigerant now moves on to cool down through to the expansion valve and evaporator and begins its cycle again.

The UX, VX & PBS series can achieve a COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 16, meaning 16kW of heat energy for every 1kW of electrical power used in the right conditions, the average achieved in the UK is between 6 and 11.4.

INVERBOOST Technology since 2013

9 years' of development & improvement

Excellent reliability proven by professional market

Best combination of performance and silence

Perfect customer experience for all seasons

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Intelligent operation to achieve an extra 20% heating capacity, fast heating and excellent performance for all year round bathing.


dynamically works to get 20% - 100% of heat output to maintain your pool temperature according to climate.


The best combination of performance and silence achieving the highest energy efficiency on the market today.

Benefits of an ASHP

Save up to 80% on running costs

Reduce heating times by 60%
• Silent running - 35db
Minimise carbon footprint

• Heats water to 40C in -20C temperatures
• Built in WiFi for easy remote operation
7 year warranty on Heat Exchanger & Compressor

• Highest COP in the industry of up to 16
• R32 refrigerant - more efficient & ecological
Stylish & sleek cabinet design with hidden venting

Zealux Inverboost Comparison
Reliable Full Inverter Technology

INVERBOOST hot tub heat pump adopts the reliable inverter technology to variate the working frequency dynamically to get the optimal performance. INVERBOOST's heating solution maximizes energy efficiency and extends the spa season to all year round.

  • Reliable full inverter technology

  • Superior performance in low/high ambient temperature

  • Best combination of performance and silence

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Energy Saving

Full inverter technology enables the fan and compressor to work intelligently, starting with Turbo mode to heat up the water to the set temperature.

The water temperature is then maintained with a constant and low frequency, this helps to save huge amounts of energy.

Whisper Silent

The low noise INVERBOOST spa heat pump ensures your next spa experience is whisper quiet.

ZEALUX INVERBOOST air/water heat pump has a very low operation noise, using multiple noise reduction technologies such as noise reduction, sound insulation, and sound absorption, the operating noise is reduced to 33 dB(A), allowing you to enjoy a quiet home life.

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With the most advanced energy saving INVERBOOST technology, ZEALUX air/water heat pump could reach the highest level of energy efficiency in the market and achieve great saving on energy consumption, reducing energy bills significantly for customers.

Built-in WIFI

Alsavo Pro APP allows you to control your heat pump anywhere and anytime. 10 languages available.

Control your INVERBOOST heating system anywhere anytime by a simple click on the mobile phone. The controller and the APP are multi-functional and easy to use.

  • Water temperature, operating modes and timer setting, prameter checking and setting

  • Modbus protocol and network flexibility

  • Built-in wifi module supports APP control

Greener Refrigerant

R32 refrigerant makes more of a contribution to decrease the speed of global warming with less carbon footprint.

ALSAVO INVERBOOST air/water heat pump range uses R32 green refrigerant, which is better for the environment. (the global warming potential of 675 is two-thirds less than R410a.)

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Technical Information
Zealux UX Tech Info Sheet
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