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No appointment is needed to visit our Superstore, but we recommend booking if you want to guarantee a product expert is available.

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Come and take a dip

Wet testing a hot tub or swim spa before buying is crucial for several reasons, as it allows you to make a well-informed decision and ensures that you're investing in a product that truly suits your needs and preferences.


Here are some reasons why wet testing is important:

Comfort and Ergonomics: Everyone's body is different, and what may be comfortable for one person may not be for another. Wet testing allows you to assess the seating and layout to ensure it's comfortable and ergonomically suitable for your body type.

Jet Performance: The performance of jets in a hot tub or swim spa can vary significantly between models. Wet testing allows you to experience the strength and positioning of the jets to determine if they provide the desired hydrotherapy and massage effects.

Water Temperature and Maintenance: Testing the water quality and temperature management system gives you insights into how well the hot tub or swim spa maintains the water temperature and quality, which is essential for your overall experience and ongoing maintenance.

Noise Levels: Some hot tubs and swim spas can be noisy, which might be distracting or annoying. Wet testing allows you to evaluate the noise levels and decide if they meet your preferences.

Space and Size: By being in the water, you can better assess how the size and layout of the hot tub or swim spa fit your space and meet your needs, especially if you have specific space constraints or usage requirements.

Durability and Build Quality: Immersing yourself in the water gives you a feel for the build quality and materials used in the hot tub or swim spa. You can check for sturdiness, the quality of the shell, and the construction of the frame.

Accessibility and Entry/Exit: Testing the ease of getting in and out of the hot tub or swim spa is important, especially if you have mobility issues. Wet testing allows you to evaluate the accessibility and comfort of the entry and exit points.

Overall Experience: Beyond specific features, wet testing provides an opportunity to assess the overall experience, including the ambiance, lighting, and any additional features such as music systems or water features.

Health and Wellness Benefits: If you're investing in a hot tub for therapeutic reasons, wet testing can help you evaluate how well the spa supports your health and wellness goals.

Investment Confidence: Wet testing provides peace of mind and confidence in your purchase, reducing the risk of buyer's remorse. It ensures that you are making an informed decision that aligns with your preferences and expectations.

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